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works on paper

Working on paper allows me the freedom to play and experiment with different materials without hesitation that comes with a new white canvas or fresh wood panel. I love to push the boundaries and try new techniques. Some of my favorite tools are solid acrylic markers, oil pastels, and water soluable graphite, to name only a few.

Blue Daydream

Blue Daydream 24"x18"

Lost in Reality

Lost in Reality 15"x11"

Lost in the Moment

Lost in the Moment 15"x11"

Escaping the Pressure

Escaping the Pressure 12"x9"

Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions 9"x12"


Misunderstanding 9"x12"

Forever Mine

Forever Mine 33"x22"

First Encounters

First Encounters 33"x22"

Chance Meeting

Chance Meeting 33"x22"

Old Friends

Old Friends 33"x22"

Illusion of Time

Illusion of Time 24"x18"

Cracking Open

Cracking Open 9"x12"

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