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Ink Abstracts

India ink, acrylic ink, watercolor ink, alcohol ink... I'm fascinated with ink. I love the way you can push it and pull it around on the paper, then add more color or remove it. There is an endless variety of ways to create abstract pieces using inks. I often add water-soluble crayons or graphite for added texture. These images remind me of dreams, that ethereal quality of remembering a dream before it slips away. 

Elusive Dreams

Elusive Dream 9"x12"

Lucid Escape

Lucid Escape 9"x12"

Passing Fancy

Passing Fancy 9"x12"

Temporary Illusion

Temporary Illusion 9"x12"

Fleeting Impression

Fleeting Impression 9"x12"

Fading Fantasy

Fading Fantasy 9"x12"

Blue Perception

Blue Perception 9"x12"

Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky 9"x12"

Momentary Idea

Momentary Idea 9"x12"

Hint of Green

Hint of Green 10"x10"x1"

Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words 9"x12"

Summertime Escape

Summertime Escape 14"x11"x2"

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